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Newmarket and surrounding areas in York Region. Kitchen/Bath

Newmarket and surrounding areas in York Region. Kitchen/Bath

415 Harry Walker Pkwy N.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B3
Rhonda ThorntonRhonda Thornton
Work Phone: (905) 853-7700(905) 853-7700
20 - 1100 Gorham St.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8Y8
Mel CartmillMel Cartmill
Work Phone: (905) 954-0967(905) 954-0967
2000 Reeves Road
Victoria Harbour, ON L0K2A0
Zack HounsomeZack Hounsome
Work Phone: (705) 345-6102(705) 345-6102
(705) 527-3537(705) 527-3537
Accelerate Newmarket
Saachi  PaiSaachi Pai
Work Phone: (647) 509-0248(647) 509-0248
1151 Gorham St. Units 9-12
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8Y1
Mr. Arden FischerMr. Arden Fischer
Work Phone: (905) 853-5495(905) 853-5495
09 Aug, 2021

Must-Have Monday: Savoury & Sweet 

By Claire Chappell 

There are so many delicious treats available locally we couldn’t cram it all into one post! Here’s part two of our look at savoury and sweet delights from some of our members.  


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