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O/A Rockets Candy Company
Ms. Jodi Jonker
150 Harry Walker Pkwy. N.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B2
Phone: (905) 853-7171
Fax: (905) 853-7160
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Member Since: 2006
Cummins Hydraulics Ltd.
Michael Preyde
1250 Gorham St.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8W4
Phone: (905) 836-7750
Fax: (905) 836-2736
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Cummins Hydraulics is your one stop shop for all your hydraulic needs. Hose & fittings, pumps, motors & cylinders, service & repairs, and a friendly knowledgeable staff...satisfaction is guaranteed!
Member Since: 2009

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Flightdeck Solutions Ltd.
Mr. Peter Cos
1 - 1131 Gorham St.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8X9
Phone: (905) 830-1196
Fax: (905) 248-3934
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Flightdeck Solutions was created to meet the global requirement for effective low cost flight simulation products.
Member Since: 2009
Magna International Inc.
Mr. John Crowell
337 Magna Dr.
Aurora, ON L4G 7K1
Phone: (905) 726-7132
Fax: (905) 726-7494
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Chamber Partner

Love Local
Magna International Inc. is a leading global supplier of technologically advanced automotive components, systems and modules, and is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world.
Member Since: 2007

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Tooling Development Inc.
Mr. Peter Plank
29 Anderson Blvd.
Uxbridge, ON L9P 0C7
Phone: (905) 640-6443
Fax: (905) 642-3907
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We offer specialized design and manufacture skills, including 3-D and CNC machining and clamping fixtures.
Member Since: 2005

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Gum Products International Inc.
Mr. Michael Tan
185 Pony Dr.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B5
Phone: (905) 853-8828
(416) 450-8865
Fax: (905) 853-8886
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Gum Products International (GPI) is a purveyor of texturizing systems for the worldwide food industry with production facilities in Canada, U.S., and Southeast Asia.  GPI is a vertically-integrated producer of carrageenan utilizing patented and proprietary manufacturing processes in producing this highly-functional ingredient.

GPI's unique line of carrageenans increases product yields in fresh and cooked poultry products while enhancing texture, juiciness, and product integrity.  It does not impart any taste, color, and smell to the finished product while reducing package purge.  GPI products are used to reduce sodium and may be used with or without phosphates.

With its U.S. technical sales office in Athens, GA and an extensive R & D application center in Canada, GPI is able to simulate client production parameters in providing custom-tailored solutions in the use of hydrocolloids that are highly-efficient and appropriate for client-specific applications

Member Since: 2005

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Custom Card Canada
Helen Acorn
48-86 Ringwood Drive
Stouffville, ON L4A1C3
Phone: (905) 982-2752
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Need gift cards or membership IDs? We can help! Prefer to print your own cards? We can help too! We're a full service printing shop that can satisfy all your plastic and related printing needs. Want to enhance the security of your building? Need to know who goes in and out your building? We have all the equipment! We carry a full range of access control products to ensure that you have your peace of mind!
Member Since: 2021

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J.K. Quality Welding
Josephine Khoury
1245 Nicholson Rd.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C3
Phone: (905) 836-0650
Fax: (905) 830-9160
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Member Since: 2009
Alcos Machinery Inc.
Mr. Hasan Albulak
190 Harry Walker Pkwy. N.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B4
Phone: (905) 836-6030
Fax: (905) 836-8142
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Member Since: 2019
195B Harry Walker Parkway North
Newmarket, ON L3Y7B3
Phone: (905) 953-9946
Fax: 905-953-8351
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Manufacturer of a variety or PPE including respirator, eye, face, hearing, head, fall protection, first aid kits and medical supplies, ice traction footwear, sunscreen and insect repellents. Serving industrial, healthcare, food service, janitorial, retail hardware and paint sundry, drug stores and automotive aftermarket.

Member Since: 2021

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Microcel Corporation
Patti-Lynn Nadrofsky
2 - 1274 Ringwell Dr.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C7
Phone: (905) 853-2568
(800) 565-9192
Fax: (905) 853-4363
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Microcel is trusted by forward-thinking customers and partners worldwide for distribution, sourcing, curating, promoting, delivering, and launching top innovation brands and their products to the Canadian market. Global brands such as Fitbit, Anker, Tile, Polaroid, Logitech, Goal Zero, and many more, partner with Microcel to drive their distribution, sales and brand expansion, retail activation, and online businesses, and Microcel has established itself as a leader in driving collaborative and deeply strategic partnerships across all channels of business in Canada. This unmatched combination of commercial know-how, customer service, and channel expertise, has established Microcel as the go-to partner in Canada to bring the world’s leading innovation brands and their products to market.
Member Since: 2002

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Buchner Manufacturing Inc.
Johnny Buchner
16650 Bayview Ave.
Newmarket, ON L3X 2S8
Phone: (905) 836-1506
Fax: (905) 836-1552
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Love Local
Buchner Manufacturing Inc. is a supplier of high-quality building products specializing in the exteriors of homes. Buchner has built its reputation by supplying quality products at competitive prices with excellent service. We offer our products and services to contractors and homeowners locally as well as throughout North America.
Member Since: 2016
Eco Guardian
Anil Abrol
13 - 17665 Leslie St.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 3E3
Phone: (905) 235-4015
Fax: (905) 235-4995
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Eco Guardian is a Company dedicated to providing socially responsible products that reduces waste pollution. Product lines includes - single use and 100% Compostable products such as plates, clamshells, cups, bowls, trays for food service, food processing, Health Care and retail sectors. Eco Guardian also manufacturers and distribute custom made multi-purpose Reusable shopping bags.
Member Since: 2011
CPG Aerospace
Matthew Waddington
265 Pony Dr.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B5
Phone: (905) 715-7826
Fax: (905) 715-7763
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Chamber Partner
CPG Aerospace is an advanced manufacturing company specializing in detail parts and small assemblies made from non-metallic materials. We operate under an ISO 9001, AS9100 registered Quality Management System, and we are certified under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program for access to defense related products and information. We are proud to be recognized as a strategic supplier to several aerospace primes and first tier integrators. CPG is a strong advocate for the development of local talent, environmental responsibility, and the sustainability of Canadian manufacturing. We have called Newmarket home since 1995, and have been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since 2001. We are committed to playing an active role in our vibrant community
Member Since: 2001
Rifal Manufacturing Ltd. - Tricked-Toys Inc.
Mr. Rob Goncalves
2 - 1245 Maple Hill Crt.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9E8
Phone: (905) 830-1636
Fax: (905) 830-0053
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Tricked-Toys is your place for custom Billet Aluminum accessories for snowmobiles and more.
Member Since: 2007
Wolarmann Enterprises Ltd.
Thor Wolf
220 Bayview Drive
Unit 17
Barrie, ON L4N 4Y8
Phone: (705) 735-1300
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Wolarmann Enterprises Ltd is a manufacturing facility located north of Toronto, in the heart of Canada's industrious farming community. Wolarmann's success as been contributed to the ability to focus on producing quality labels and steel clippings for multiple netted products, i.e. onions, oranges, lemons, potatoes, chocolates, etc.
Member Since: 2010
Descon Conveyor Systems
Mr. Steve Nixon
1 - 1274 Ringwell Dr.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C7
Phone: (905) 953-0455
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Descon provides integrated conveyor solutions, packaging equipment and onsite services to the Beverage and Food industry.
Member Since: 2017
Celestica LP
Lynn Ford
213 Harry Walker Pkwy South
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8T3
Phone: (905) 954-8000
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Celestica Newmarket is a globally recognized center of excellence for technology leadership and innovation. Celestica’s Newmarket operation specializes in rapid product commercialization and supply chain transformation for high reliability, mission critical applications. Our expertise, including our Materials Lab, serves customers in; healthcare, smart energy, aerospace and defense and industrial markets.
Member Since: 2019
Engineered Air
Glenn Sutton
1175 Twinney Dr.
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C8
Phone: (905) 898-1114
Fax: (905) 898-7244
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Engineered Air is a division of Airtex Manufacturing Partnership and was founded in 1966 in Calgary, Alberta. We manufacture custom commercial and industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. We employ 1400 people throughout North America and manufacture out of 10 locations.

Member Since: 1992
Yuh-Dak North America Inc.
Mr. Ben Suen
6-14845 Yonge St., Suite 182
Aurora, ON L4G 6H8
Phone: (905) 717-3988
Fax: (905) 248-3838
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We're a specialist manufacture in vertical plastic injection formation machines. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we're an active market player who has developed and produced high-precision machines that are customized to market trends and easy to maintain.
Member Since: 2006
09 Aug, 2021

Must-Have Monday: Savoury & Sweet 

By Claire Chappell 

There are so many delicious treats available locally we couldn’t cram it all into one post! Here’s part two of our look at savoury and sweet delights from some of our members.  


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