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Come To Agreement

Come To Agreement


Come To Agreement

376 Highway 7 East, Unit 218
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0C7
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FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTube is the Go-To Platform for separation and divorce resources for Co-Parents and Family Law Professionals. We have a suite of Separation & Divorce products that are custom-built for the various stages of the Separation Journey.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life of separated and divorced families by offering innovative industry-leading solutions.

Our flagship offering is “CTA Life”, providing Life Insurance packages for separated or divorced families. They cover child support payments, spousal support payments or any other needs of the ex-family. The Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance is specifically designed to address the nuances of family law. As support payments are paid out, the insurance coverage declines to match the remaining support payments. The balance is then allocated to someone else such as children or a new partner. So, you get the benefits of 2 policies for the price of one. Our insurance policies are underwritten by top tier insurance carriers in Canada including: Manulife, Foresters, Canada Life, RBC, CPP, Empire Life and Specialty Life

My2Families is a comprehensive co-parenting application that keeps both sides of the family apprised of what’s happening with the children. It links all the necessary co-parenting modules, organizational tools and needed functions, to address the needs of children and parents. Access can be granted to selected relatives and/or professionals to help the separated family along its separation journey.

We offer a lot more. Come visit us at

"When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well"


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 (Date: 12/8/2023)
Leslee Mason
15 Jun, 2023

In partnership with Scotiabank and with support from The MARC Group, the Newmarket Chamber is embarking on a significant undertaking supporting women leaders.



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